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OUr Mission

At CBJ we strive to produce the best beef jerky made with the best craft beer available.  The quality of our products come before anything else.  With a name like Craft Beer Jerky… craft beer needs to be the number one of the main ingredient in our marinade and seasonings of all our beef jerky products.

“Craft Beer is the #1 marinating ingredient in all of our beef jerky.”

Chase Schaffter
Co-Founder/Box Packer/Website Designer/Etc

Beef Jerky INfused with Boulevard Tank 7

Our pride and Joy… beef jerky made with Boulevard Tank 7 beer. Boulevard Brewery is a Kansas City brewery and the Tank 7 beer is one of their signature beers so it was the perfect match for our beer jerky

BEef Jerky INFuSED With Cinder BLock Paver Porter

This tasty beef jerky snack is marinated in our special blend of traditional jerky flavors AND seasonings that compliment the beer it is marinated in.  Porter jerky is marinated in Cinder Block Brewery’s Pavers Porter, a yummy Kansas City treat. This jerky is full of flavor with a little spicy kick

Beef Jerky INfused with Zipline IPA

 Zipline IPA that has juicy hops, showcasing sublime blend of tropical citrus, grapefruit, and mango aromas. When then add more grapefruit juice to the marinade and our special blend of seasonings.

Beef Jerky Infused With Nebraska BRewing Brown ALe

The marinated starts with a Nebraska Brewing English-Style Brunette Nut Brown Ale has a blend of six different malts and a hop schedule that results in a low hop character.  The unique malt character brings to mind the taste of a blend of various nuts.  Then our special seasoning and finish it off

Beef Jerky Infused with 4Hands Divided Sky Rye IPA

4 Hands Brewery makes amazing beer so we knew this one would be a Rockstar beef jerky marinade.  This flavorful beef jerky will make your taste buds sing. The hop flavor at the end will make this a favorite for any IPA lover. Sweat, Bitter, Flavor galore… it has it all.

The Best Jerky is Made with Beer

Say No To Generic Beef Jerky

Craft Beer Jerky was created because we were tired of the same old big brand jerky that was on the market.  The same 3 or 4  brands with about the exact same flavors. Similar to how beer was several years ago. We wanted to make something unique and tasted different from the rest of the market while also staying true to the flavor of beef jerky.  So help us say no to generic jerky. There is now something better!

Beef Jerky Brown Ale

Beef Jerky Tank 7

Beef Jerky Rye IPA

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