Our Vision

We partner with great breweries to produce great beer jerky. We want our customers to be able to have jerky flavored with a beer that they know comes from a local brewery in there area.

Our Mission

CBJ strives to produce the best jerky made with the best craft beer available. The quality of our products comes before anything else. We believe that with a name like Craft Beer Jerky… craft beer needs to be one of the main ingredient in our marinade and seasonings.

Craft Beer logo text with Hop Horns. Yellow and Green

Est. 2018

    I had a love for jerky but got bored with all of the same generic big brand beef jerky. Jerky making was a hobby and we started trying and creating many different types of beef jerky recipes.  Drinking craft beer while the jerky was smoking on the pit was standard procedure for us, so one day we decided to use the beer to aid in the marinating process. Our thought was that the beer would help tenderize the meat and help give it flavor at the same time.   We had one goal and one goal only… Make great tasting jerky that would never get confused with the generic jerky on the market. I am very proud of the jerky we have produced. We want to help the jerky industry become like the craft beer industry.

How we started Making Beef Jerky

Chase and Danny met while working at Cinder Block Brewery. Danny was a bartender and brewers assistant and Chase owned a food truck that served BBQ to the patrons of the brewery.  So, this naturally lead them to try to cook anything and everything with beer.  Probably even things that should not be.   One day, Danny and Chase decided to make beef jerky out of a new batch beer that Danny brewed at the Cinder Block brewery. They decided to do this because they both loved beef jerky and were bored with the generic flavors that were out on the market. 

The first batch was absolutely horrible. Chase’s  two dogs might have been the only ones that would eat it.   However, they don’t give up easily, So they started to get together regularly to make beef jerky.  They did this not to start a business, but because it was fun to drink beer and cook/dry meat. After a while, they decided that it would be fun to package it so they could share it with other people. So, here they are… Still having fun drinking beer and cooking meat… just on a bigger scale. Don’t worry, they don’t get drunk and make the craft beer jerky that you eat… that is what test batches are for.