Craft Beer Jerky Blog

Beef Jerky Tips and Tricks

I have learned a lot about making jerky over the years and wanted to put together some of the tips and tricks that I have learned. Hopefully this will be helpful for anyone interested in jerky or learning how to make jerky at home. 

Beef Jerky ReViews

Not only do we make jerky but we also try as much jerky as we can get our hands on. I really like the what is happing in the craft jerky market and try to support and help my customers find other great jerky. We just hope people buy small batch hand crafted jerky and not all of the big brand generic jerky. 

Beef Jerky Recipes

Coming soon! I am going to put together some of the recipes that I have tried over the years. Also recipes that are my version of  some of the jerky styles that you can find on the market.