CBJ Collaboration Pack

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  • Beef Jerky 3 Pack- Jerky Infused with Top Quality Craft Beer. Marinated for up to 48 hours in beer. Jerky taste but with more Flavor!
  • 1- 2.0 oz bag of Beef Jerky Infused with Porter Beer , 1- 2.0 oz bag of Beef Jerky infused with American Saison Ale,1- 2.0 oz bag of Beef Jerky infused with Rye IPA, 1- 2.0 oz bag of Beef Jerky infused with Brown Ale
  • Handmade Small Batch Beef Jerky – Made with 100% sliced beef
  • Texture – Medium Soft Jerky. Easily tears apart and has a very nice easy chew. Not rubbery but also not leathery. Traditional jerky with a softer texture.
  • Craft Beer is the # 1 marinating ingredient in all of our Jerky!

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This pack has all of the best jerky we have.   Enjoy Zipline’s IPA, Cinder Block’s Pavers Porter, Nebraska Brewing’s Brunette Nut Brown Ale and Boulevard Tank 7. Includes four 2.0 oz bags. Beer from Breweries in Kansas City, St. Louis, and Nebraska.

1 review for CBJ Collaboration Pack

  1. LyndLynn12

    Love jerky, but thought the “craft beer” was a gimmick to avoid actual flavor. Turns out I was wrong, so glad I tried it. You can definitely taste some cool hints of beer flavors and overall jerky flavor. I like how it tears as well, its soft but also not like crumbly and not tough.

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