Beef Jerky- Kansas City 2 Pack

  • Beef Jerky 3 Pack- Jerky Infused with Top Quality Craft Beer. Marinated for up to 48 hours in beer. Jerky taste but with more Flavor!
  • 1- 2.0 oz bag of Beef Jerky Infused with Porter Beer , 1- 2.0 oz bag of Beef Jerky infused with American Saison Ale
  • Handmade Small Batch Beef Jerky – Made with 100% sliced beef
  • Texture – Medium Soft Jerky. Easily tears apart and has a very nice easy chew. Not rubbery but also not leathery. Traditional jerky with a softer texture.
  • Craft Beer is the # 1 marinating ingredient in all of our Jerky!

** This product does not contain alcohol **


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Beef Jerky made from craft beer from only the best Kansas City Breweries. This jerky is marinated in beer and other traditional jerky seasons for 36 hours. The jerky is very soft and flavorful.  Nothing goes better together than craft beer and beef jerky. Taste similar to traditional beef jerky…. just more flavors!

*** Currently the Cinder Block Porter is being substituted  with the generic Porter due to low stock. The Packaging is the only thing that is different. Just does not have the Cinder Block Logo on the bag.

*** This product does not contain Alcohol***

1 review for Beef Jerky- Kansas City 2 Pack

  1. Byron Barnard

    Not wet but not dried out, its a perfect bite and chew. I love small batch jerky and this may be one of my new favorites, and they have several different flavors! Their flavors aren’t like most jerky (peppered, sweet and hot, spicy, etc), they are based on their beer (which happens to be one of the main ingredients, so not just a title gimmick). Overall, fun with solid flavor and a good bite.

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