Beef Jerky- Wheat

  • Craft Beef Jerky Infused with Top Quality Craft Beer. Marinated for up to 48 hours in beer. Jerky taste but with more Flavor!
  • 1- 2.0 oz bag of Beef Jerky infused with Wheat beer (The beer comes from a variety of  breweries in the Kansas City area. We wanted one flavor that would always be changing from batch to batch based on the wheat beer we get from different breweries) 
  • Handmade Small Batch Beef Jerky – Made with 100% sliced beef
  • Texture – Medium Soft Jerky. Easily tears apart and has a very nice easy chew. Not rubbery but also not leathery. Traditional jerky with a softer texture.
  • Craft Beer is the # 1 marinating ingredient in all of our Jerky!

***The product does not contain Alcohol***


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We use a wheat beer that has light tart flavor, great yeast character, and finishing with strong citrus notes. We then add our special seasoning and finish it off with some orange zest to make the taste in each bite scream with flavor. Comes in 2.0 oz bags.

**The product does not contain Alcohol**

1 review for Beef Jerky- Wheat

  1. Rory Fry

    I tried the wheat because I am not a huge craft beer fan but love jerky. This jerky was great. Had a small hit of beer flavor but just really good all around jerky. Lots of flavors! Soft texture. One of the better new jerkies that I have tried in the last couple of years.

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