The G.O.A.T Beef Jerky Company Review

I really enjoyed this beef jerky. It was labeled as hot and it has a little heat but not anything that is unpleasant. If you like really spicy jerky that I don’ think it is hot enough for your liking. This jerky is cut against the grain so it is tender but not mushy. Very good texture.  I think it is a little crumbly but still very good. I noticed it has the same USDA number as  the  Savage Jerky Company that I already did a jerky review on so they must both be using a larger co-packer but still seems like this jerky is really good quality for craft beef jerky. Also, if you are looking for jerky that does not have a lot of sugar in it then this would be a good option because it only has 2 grams per serving. I like jerky that you get different flavors when you chew the jerky and you can really taste all of the different flavors. I wish it has some smoke flavor and I wish you could taste the beef flavor a little more but that is all that is really missing.  I really like the packaging and has a resealable zipper so it will stay fresh if you don’t eat the entire 2.2 oz bag. Good beef jerky and I think everyone should give this a try.


Craft Jerky Rating: 7.7

Package Sizes: 2.2

Price: $6.99

USDA:  46073



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